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Thermal Oil Heater

Thermal Oil Heater

HET Series - Thermal Oil Heater

Product ID: HET

Thermal Oil Heater

HET thermal oil heater is designed for heavy duty operations with high quality performance. The hot oil heater is made by excellent material and components with an attempt to provide the best sustainability.

There are several advantages you must know about the thermal oil heater:

  • Oil Tray Free: HET series with no oil tray below ensures fluid hot oil flows evenly in the heater and keeps oil leakage from taking place.

  • Three-routes rotation: Due to the design of three routes, our HET seires has bigger heat conducting surface than other hot oil heater on the market, which requires less fuel to run the operation.

  • Mid-sized Tube: To extend the lifetime and avoid over-heating.

  • Quick-open gate: To make maintenance faster and easier.

    • The most advanced design features has been carefully engineered to gear with many years field experience. Its compact design of excellence performance simple operation and easy maintenance provides economic handling cost and safety of operation.
    • Thermal oil full flow through the expansion tank so that the bubble in the tank and the remaining air is easily removed.
    • The strainer is equipped at the inlet of pump for eliminating the dirt in piping, and the emergent shut down device is equipped for stopping the pump. Flexible tube is fixed at the outlet and the stop valve with less resistance is equipped for stopping the pump. Flexible tube is fixed at the outlet and the stop valve with less resistance is equipped for eliminating the noise.
    • The thin layer which is formed by the current of light oil at low speed, high temperature developed in internal wall of pipe is called the film temperature layer. If this layer exceeds the permissible temperature it will accelerate the deterioration of thermal oil and therefore produce the high boiling point material which will damage the inner surface of tube. By our R.&.D. them, we have measured the precise value for film and metal temperature.
    • Therefore the user be able to operate it safely.
    • In order to overcome specific geography environment and fuel variations from difference source a versatile furnace construction ensures the perfect combustion of C-grade heavy oil and uniform heat transfer.The special welding process,and average thermal expansion designation garantee the service life and operation cost.
  • Application
    • Chemical Industry: for heating or cooling in the process of reaction, distillation, melting, evaporation, drying etc.
    • Plastic Industry: for the heating extruder, calender, roller, hot press.
    • Paint and automobile industry: heating and cooling in the reaction of synthetic resin paint, hot air drying of coating surface and the coating drying of automobile body (Panel heater is also available).
    • Synthetic fiber industry: for the heating of filament and resin machinery.
    • Rubber industry: heating of sulfur kettle.
    • Corrugated cardboard industry: heating of embossing roller, melting of wax.
    • Food industry: indirect heating of cooking, drying and fried oil.
    • Asphalt industry: Asphalt melting apparatus.
    • Architectural interior industry: for the temperature control of apartment building of districts.
    • Ship industry: preheating of fuel oil or cabin warming.
    • Other: drying coated substances etc.
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