Taijune BoilerSpecialist manufacturer of boilers and pressure vessels

As a specialist manufacturer of boilers and pressure vessels established in 1976, we provide customers with high-quality and high-efficiency boiler products with a robust technical team and satisfy customer needs with research and technology based on loyalty, sincerity, and perfection.
With exquisite products, we earn recognition and trust from various industries and maintain steady business growth. To meet the social needs and repay society, we uphold our ESG responsibilities and dedicate ourselves to issues including energy conservation, carbon reduction, and energy recovery and reuse.
In recent years, apart from increasing various manufacturing and quality control equipment to ensure product quality improvement, we have also maintained quality supremacy and integrity focus with skillful techniques and mobile services to achieve green production in support of environmental protection to meet the requirements of users, provide safe, economical, excellent, durable high-standard products, and thereby earn the recognition of industries.
To engage in extensive global expansion, we have set up branches and offices in many Southeast Asian countries and regions. In 1998 we were also awarded the manufacture license of special equipment for boilers and pressure vessels by the Chinese government. Upholding our unchanged business philosophy, we set your ideal as our goal and devote ourselves to the application and development of heat transfer technology to start a new chapter in the boiler industry.
  • 專業技術

    Technology specialization

    Established for over 40 years, we have developed a wide range of services and provide complete total solutions, including pre-assessment, overall planning, design and manufacture, on-site construction, and complete after-sales service.
  • 卓越製造

    Manufacture excellence

    Apart from being a well-experienced manufacturing team, we have also passed ASME S&U factory authorization, ISO 9001 certification, and mainland China’s SQL certification to ensure global legal compliance.
  • 品質服務

    Quality service

    We offer services to various industries, with most clients being either multinationals or part of the Taiwan Top 500. We also maintain long-term and sound cooperation with clients.
  • 全球市場

    Global market

    We actively engage in global expansion. Apart from setting up offices in Taiwan, mainland China, and Southeast Asian countries, we have also distributed products across Asia, the Americas, and Antarctica. Actively expand to the global market to start a new chapter in the boiler industry.
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